Friday, July 1, 2011

Making a male skin

Hi again people!

[Edit by robin:  If you're looking for how to make a male skin, I've completed a new series of instructions that uses Eloh Eliot's Starlight skin as a starting point and makes it over into a male skin.  Here's the place to start:
There are about 4 more posts after that one to show how to do it.]

I've noticed that there are several people interested in making a male skin.  I posted in one of the Second Life Forums that Eloh Eliot provided a male prototype as she did several female prototypes.  Unfortunately she didn't post that male prototype on the link I gave you for the female skins. 

However, it turns out that she did post them earlier, and others have copies of that post, so the male skin prototypes are out there somewhere.  If you google for, you'll find them.  (That's pronounced 'ell eff zero why' )  Download the file and unzip it.  In the new directory you'll find three pds files.  Load them one by one into GIMP and save them as xcf files... then you're on your way.

The main problem I see with the Male skins from Eloh is the body hair.  The pubic hair is the same as on the female skins, and it's not quite right for a guy.  Also there's no leg, butt, back, chest or under-arm hair.  (To get an idea of male body hair, google the same with google image.  *fans herself* )

As it is, the male skin would be appropriate for a young boy avatar.  If you fiddle with the pubic hair enough you could probably get it to be close enough to do a teenager's skin.  Some leg hair and chest hair would take it into the territory of an adult male I haven't sorted out how to do that.  If anyone has an idea on how to do it, let me know.


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