Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making clothes - Tank top - Variations on a theme.

Once I make something I seem to always play around with it and create some things that are variations on the theme.  So I thought I'd show everyone two of them.

The first is is pretty simple, its the same cut and straps with broad stripes.  I made them a kind of dark pink and grey.  I used the same approach to creating the stripes as we used to create the trim and straps.  But as you can see they're much broader.  I added a texture to the fabric too - different that the previous.  Its created by a simple X, with the position of the 'light' straight overhead.  Click on it and you will see a larger version.

The second is a nice light green bunneh top. *blushes*  Ok, and perhaps a little on the semi-transparent side. For this one I made the bunneh in a 32x32 as a tile using the seamless tile technique I described earlier.  Then used the Filters->Map->Tiles to make a fabric.  Then applied it to first the front, positioning it to cover certain delicate areas as much as possible.  Then after reducing the size of the fabric by 10%, applied it to the back.

With this lighter version I found I needed to do a several things special for it.  I had to double the shadow layers we got from Eloh's skin file.  When I did this I noted a tint, a kind of warm pink color creeping in.  So I had to go through and desaturate all of the shadows.  That took care of the pinkish tint.  And I found that I had to increase the intensity of  the shadows for the folds to show.  I actually performed the 'bump map' operation on the fabric and the bunnehs a couple times to get a good effect.


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