Thursday, May 12, 2011

Making clothes - A tank top, Final

Oops!  I forgot to show you what the top looks like when all is said and done!  So here's a picture of me wearing it.  I'll point out a few things just as review:

  • The fabric of the top has a nice texture, actually two different kinds, the randomized color and the stippling.
  • The trim adds a nice finishing touch to the top and to give it a little 3d look adds to it as well.
  • Using Eloh Eliot's Starlight skin file as a starting point allowed us to use her shadowing and highlighting on the top - a very big step forward in making it look good.
So..... What's next?

Well, other colors would be first on my list. The dark red is nice but you might like a dark blue or something similar.  You'll probably find that if you stay to the dark colors you'll need to make fewer changes to the highlights and shadows.  The question is how to do this and preserve the texture we've added to the top fabric with the Bump Map filter?  The answer is to use Colors->Map->Rotate Colors.  Make the "From" range encompass the reds and the "To" range encompass the blues of whatever target color you wish.

Another path for future work would be to replace the main red fabric of the top with something that has a nice printed pattern.  To do this, go back and look at the posts in this blog that tell you how to make a seamless tile ( ).  Then use that tile to make your fabric, change the color of the trim and straps to match and add back in the wrinkles, and you'll have another nice top.

And one more path to think about.... change the straps to create a halter top rather than a tank top.  To do this you would move the tops of the front straps a little closer together at the top and then connect them with a strap on the lower part of your neck.  (deleteing the other straps doing down the back of course).

Well, I hope that gives you some ideas.


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