Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the heck! Another blog!

Yes, apparently the world needs another blog - and this is it; "Robin's Making Stuff". I'm Robin and am happy to meet you! I'm a character in Second Life (an Avatar - before Avatar became cool) and as you have surely guessed, I like to make stuff.

As a character in Second Life I have many good friends and good times and bad times. I don't plan to put much about that in this blog - it would involve others and somehow I don't think it's quite fair to air laundry in public, dirty or otherwise. The other person may not have the same opportunity to present their view of whatever is happening and in airing what I might think of as THE TRUTH and I could easily do inadvertent damage. Often in fact, when I have been convinced that I have a solid lock on THE TRUTH, I have found to my chagrin sometime later that I was wrong. So discretion in such things seems to me to be the better path.

That's what this blog is not about.... so what will it be about?

Making Stuff! Making stuff in Second Life. In Second Life they rather boringly call it 'User Created Content' and you can read all about it here:'s_Manual or join Second Life here:

The "Stuff" I'm talking about will be all kinds of things. I'll just talk about what I'm making at the present time, problems, discoveries, tools and whatever seems appropriate. At the moment that happens to be some skins. So I'll catch you up on what I've been doing with a series of skins I've been working on. As a tease for my next post, I'll add a picture of me in my latest skin, a nice dark skin that I intend to be African-American.

I think that's enough for a first post, don't you? See you later!


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